The Plan

The plan sector 9

Scientific concept
Create multiple realities for an unknown purpose

The Plan is the titular motif of Submachine 8: The Plan.


The plan has never been explained in detail, but it is implied that the plan is an architectural concept[1] that would "blind your mind" if seen completely[2].

Specifically, "The Plan" seems to refer to the fact that different layers have interlocking structures in the same geotags[1][3], so that the Player can freely change his/her layer with a navigator. The layers are often connected with beamers, which are connection opening devices.

It is also implied the plan is divided into sectors in the cardinal mosque[4].

It seems humans can physically be in another layer than they see[3][5] or, in the case of Murtaugh, even physically be in other layers[5].

In summary, the Plan was a scientific attempt to store data in multiple realities without taking up excess space. Why this was set as a goal is not known.


The plan was implied to have been created by great architects[1] who presumably belonged to the Fourth Dynasty. Presumably required technology such as the navigator and the beamers were created around the same time.

When the Outer Rim was created the plan was corrupted, so that the 'grand scheme of things' could not be perceived through the layers. The plan was further destroyed by the Collapse and the resulting corrosion[6]. The only known place left in the Subnet to remain virtually untouched by this destruction is the Knot.


“The plan is lost.”
— Unknown[6]

“The idea is to give you the glimpse of the plan. Just a glimpse. Seeing it in all it's glory would blind your mind.”
— Unknown, Submachine 8: The Plan[2]

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