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The Root



The Root is the first area in the subnet ever built. It is the focus of Submachine 5: The Root.[1]


Cipher plate 1

The cipher plate number 1 found in this area.

The Root is the first man-made submachine, built between 1900 and 1906. It was an engineering miracle at the time. However, the Root is much smaller than modern submachines, a mere experiment in comparison. Its capabilities are similar to the basement from Submachine 1[1]. The Root was mostly the work of a creative genius, who received directives to create the machine. He named his invention "Submachine" due to the belief that it was situated underground.[2][3]

Not much is known about the operations of the Root. The builders invented a transportation system to travel within the massive underground structure. These devices were named transporters.

Number of areasEdit

In Submachine 5: The Root, seven different areas are accessible by the Player. However in the lucky room the player discovers that there were originally 6 plates and therefore 43 areas in the Root, because;

  • (six plates × seven combinations) + 1 (0,0) = 43

However, in Submachine Universe it was revealed that there are twelve more cipher plates. It is possible that this is just a cipher plate storage or cipher plates for another transporter-network entirely, but this raises the amount of possible location inside the Root to 157;

  • (12 plates x 13 combinations) + 1 = 157

List of known locationsEdit



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