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Mover Theory
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Submitted 2017-04-14

We are in layer 3 in Subs 6, 5, and possibly 4 and 7

It has recently been stated that the Mover in Sub 9 is the same one as the one in Subs 5 and 6. The Mover in Sub 9 is only in layer 3, however. So if that's true, then we are in layer 3 while in the mover during Subs 5 and 6. Since we don't teleport at all in Sub 6 until the end, it is safe to assume that we don't change layers at all in Sub 6, and therefore are in layer 3 during all of Sub 6. Also, unless if the Lab and Root teleporters can also change layers, then we stay in layer 3 for Sub 5. Assuming that we don't change layers when using the Sub 6 teleporter or the Sub 4 statue, we are also in layer 3 during Subs 4 and 7 also.

The Edge is only in layer 3

The mover in Subs 5, 6, and 9 only exists in layer 3. The mover is classified as a "maintenance cart" by the Submachine. Now, why would a part of the edge not be infused with karmic water? The only logical conclusion I could find was that the Edge only exists in layer 3.

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