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A gathered listing of theories about the Submachine games. Theories can be about anything related to the game such as the origins of submachines, their creators or the player's identity. If you are the author of one of the theories and the description is wrong (some are even missing), feel free to edit it and if you have the time please create a page for your theories.

Every so often theories can be voted on by people familiar with Submachine, including the Pastel Community. Visit this page for a list of all theories to be voted on in the next voting session, organized by category.

In general, theories answer one of the following three questions, although there are exceptions:

1. What is the Submachine?

2. What will happen in future installments of the series?

3. What is the purpose of a certain object we've seen?

Make your own theory!

If you would like to add a theory, you can! Make your own page and add the "Theories" category to it. Use other theory pages for reference on how it should look and how to best present your ideas. You can also always ask an admin or another user for help.

If you want to make a theory, keep these things in mind:

  • Make sure your theory is made up of conclusions that have not already been proven correct or incorrect. It is no use confirming an idea that is already well-known, or debunking one that is already known not to be true. So make sure to check out the theories already confirmed and debunked so there are no duplicate ideas being brought back up. (And of course be familiar with the Submachine games as much as possible ;) )
  • If you make a theory while a voting session is active, your new theory will not be included in that voting session.
  • Voting sessions are held every time a new Submachine installment comes out, or at a time agreed on by Wikia mods and admins if no Submachine games will be released for a while.
  • You should be logged into Wikia when you make your theories so we have a correct user name for each theory.
  • Do NOT edit theories of other users. You may only do so if they allow you to and tell you so themselves (for help in grammar and spell checking, etc.).
  • If you are uploading a theory with the expressed interest of having it included in Submachine Universe, sorry! Mateusz Skutnik is not accepting theories at this time.
  • You can ALWAYS ask an admin, mod, or another well-versed Wiki user for help :D.


The theories are sorted by their creator and are placed into several different categories explaining the status of each. These are:

  • Confirmed (This theory was proven true with the release of additional information or a new Submachine game, or is obviously correct)
  • Likely (There is evidence in favor of the theory)
  • Still alive (There is evidence for and against the theory)
  • Doubtful (There is evidence against the theory)
  • Debunked (Enough evidence against this theory to label it dead)
  • Humorous (For theories that are just plain silly)
  • Unvoted (Not yet voted on)
  • Reserved (Not approved for voting by the author)

Read a summary of all confirmed theories here.

Keep theorizing!

List of theories

001010's theories

Debunked: Artificial Life Theory

Debunked: Karma Theory's theories

Debunked: Earth Theory's theories

Unvoted: macro-verse theory's theories

Doubtful: Same Portal Theory's theories

Unvoted: Submachine origins theory (Invasive dimension)

12vegeta12's theories

Debunked: The Purpose Theory

Debunked: Super Gem Theory (The player is attempting to retrieve a super-gem to destroy the subnet.)

A Friend's theories

Debunked: What a Piece of Work is Man

Adfx033's theories

Debunked: Mur's Power Plan Theory

Alamos's theories

Debunked: Mur AI Theory

Alex's theories

Still alive: Archailect Theory

Debunked: List of Minor Theories (List of minor theories, changes and updates)

Debunked: Neural Net/MurNet Theory (Mur is helping the subnet to take over the world)

Confirmed: Murtaugh's Recruit Theory (The player was recruited by Mur to help with a mission)

Alric 75's theories

Confirmed: Theory of revolt

anonymous's theories

Debunked: The Scientist Theory

Anteroinen's theories

Confirmed: Games with words Theory Post-Submachine 8 version

Debunked: Submachine Personality Theory

Debunked: Anteroinen's theory about the ending of Submachine

Debunked: THeory on Defense Systems

Debunked: Anteroinen theories on the core

Anubis's theories

Debunked: Evil Mur Theory

Argonbolt's theories

Confirmed: Self-Generating Theory

Asteriski's theories

Still alive: Essence Theory

Avrilislost's theories

Debunked: The Dimensions Theory

Azareus's theories

Still alive: 4th Dimension Teleporters Theory

@Bady's theories

Debunked: Quantum-computer Theory

Baby Jimbob's theories

Debunked: Brainpower Theory (The Submachine is powered by Brainpower)

Bell-Chan's theories

Debunked: The Subnet Is A Hyper-Expanding Input-Driven Pocket Universe Theory

Berty's theories

Debunked: Mysterious Entity Theory (A mysterious, God-like, entity has control over the Subnet, causing it to expand and become trickier)

Bit's theories

Debunked: Cyberspace Theory (The Submachine is the mind's interpretation of Ethernet.)

Boingo's theories

Doubtful: SNEE Evidence of Movers

Doubtful: The Temple DefSys Theory

Doubtful:The Submachine Spacetime Distortion and Karma Field Theory.

Debunked:The Daedalus Theory

Bryan James's theories

Likely: The Layering Theory

Debunked: The Karma Masters Theory

Debunked: Memory Loop Theory

Debunked: Mur's Plan Theory

Carbo14's theories

Debunked: Schrödinger's cat reference theory (Einstein from Submachine 2 being a reference to Schrödinger's quantum physics experiment)

CollinBollin's theories

Still alive: Destruction of Space Theory

Debunked: No Earth Theory

coolman1081's theories

Debunked: Clone Theory

Debunked: God Theory

Debunked: Eradication Theory

Debunked: Team Theory

Cone's theories

Doubtful: Karma Ocean Theory

Likely: Life Energy Theory

Debunked: Atlantis Theory

Debunked: Artificial Dream Theory

Debunked: Micro Theory

Danaroth's theories

Debunked: Abandoned Engineering Facility Theory (Submachine as Laboratory)

Debunked: Contiguous Sectoral Building Theory (built by humans instead of growing on its own)

Dark Rose's theories

Debunked: (Unnamed Theory)

Darrylb's theories

Humorous: Submachinian theory (puzzles were created by the ancient Submachinians, who were banished but seek revenge centuries later)

Death Road's theories

Debunked: Loop Theory (The loop is not infinite, but it can rearrange itself to appear infinite)

Debunked: Safe Haven Theory (Submachine as sophisticated War Bunkers)

Debunked: Player-Is-Mur Theory

Debunked: SubMurchine Theory (Mur absorbed into Submachine alive and is controlling some of Net)

Confirmed: Human Target Theory (Mur and other humans being targeted by Submachine)

Decoder's theories

Debunked: Epicenter Theory (The Loop is the epicenter of the Subnet, and simply exists in your mind)

DeleteTheSubCore's theories

Unvoted: Tearing Effect Theory

DespEro's theories

Doubtful: The Project Theory

Disco McDisco's theories

Debunked: Mur is Dead Theory (all left of him is recordings and notes and directions)

Debunked: Paired Gem theory (one intelligent gem for one wisdom gem)

Debunked: Schizo-Extension Theory (Mur destroying the sub as we go through)

Dr. NotSoNice's theories

Debunked: The Flaming Monkey Theory

DVanisAWESOME's theories

Debunked: Submachine as Perpetual Maze Theory, by Sunshine bunnygirl 17

Debunked: Reality theory (the submachine IS REAL...) It's possible the whole series is taking place in a parallel universe.

Debunked: Savior theory (The Submachine is an attempt to save humanity created in an alternate reality and sent here)

Dyno101's theories

Unvoted: Portal Submachine (The submachine is the portal!)

ENIHCAMBUS' theories

Reserved: It comes from another layer theory

Reserved: The Loop theory.

Enula Elish's theories

Debunked: Internet Subnet Theory

FedericoF's theories

Doubtful: Space-time portals theory.

Still alive: "Ancient people" absorbed in the Submachine.

Confirmed: Many portals theory.

Likely: The beginning of the Defense Systems.

Forgingiron's theories

Debunked: Loop Theory (The loop is the space between the locations, like glue)

Frog2132's theories

Debunked: The Time is Gone Theory

Humorous: The Cheese Theory

Gemini's theories

Likely: Submachine Origins and Meanings Theory- The reason Submachine was created and how it spread.

Still alive: Henry O'Toole- Creator of the submachine Theory (Henry O'Toole created the foundation for the Submachine Network by orders from the King)

Still alive: Resin Mimic Theory

Still alive: Resin Lifeforce Theory- The resin in SNEE is the glitch that caused the Submachine to expand and take over other structures in the entire submachine network

Doubtful: Memories of Murtaugh Theory (Sub0 and Sub FLF are memories that we the player are experiencing)

Debunked: False Reality Theory- The Submachine is living in a false state of reality and acts as if events between Murtaugh and Elizabeth are still occurring, even though they happened years ago.

Debunked: Limited Power Theory (Mur only has a certain amount of ability, but he wants to invade the submachine to gain absolute power)

Debunked: False Defenses Theory (The submachine is recruiting us to help defeat Mur)

Confirmed: Sentient Submachine Theory (The Submachine is a functioning and intelligent organism)

Confirmed: Murtaugh is the Company Theory (Mur is the "company" mentioned in Sub4)

Gil2455526's theories

Debunked: "Layer influenced behavior" theory (Layers can influence people's behavior)

GIR457's theories

Debunked: Human Learning Theory (The submachine grew in order to learn more about humans, but it didn't want them learning about it)

Debunked: Mental Patient Theory (The storyline begins with Sub FLF)

God Samuel's theories

Doubtful: Runes Theory (The runes could either be a language used by the life-forms in the submachines or it could be a secret code used by Mur)

Doubtful: Sub FLF padded room interpretation (Someone captured Mur and put him in the padded cell in Submachine FLF)

Confirmed: Karma Arm Theory (By using his karma arm, Mur left a "scar" on the space-time continuum of the place he used his karma arm in. See Einstein's special relativity.)

Guacamole Man's theories

Debunked: Timeless Theory (The subnet does not age)

Hermit's theories

Debunked: Organic Acid Problem (The submachine it worked so it just thought the lesson to the applicant, which is to think extravagantly.)

Debunked: Player is Liz Theory

Debunked: SAT Theory (The submachine is an admission test for universities in the future)

Hero of Carthage's theories

Doubtful: Agent Theory

Debunked: Different Universe Theory

Hidude134's theories

Debunked: Void Theory (The entire sub-net is a void)

Debunked: Sadistic AI Game Theory (The sub-net is a game that is controlled by a sadistic AI)

Hooder's theories

Doubtful: Submachine complex theory

I Dunno Lol's theories

Humorous: Overall Analysis Theory (General analysis of the submachine world and all of its "inhabitants")

ILUVSubmachine0920's theories

Debunked: Murt's History Theory

Into the Void's theories

Still alive: Quantum Computer Theory (Submachine is quantum computer, defying laws of physics)

Debunked: Wisdom Gem Data Storage Theory

Debunked: Wisdom Core Theory (

Debunked: "Arch" Theory (

Debunked: Defense System Theory (protecting from unwanted teleportations)

Debunked: Afterlife Theory (Submachines built to lead to afterlife)

Debunked: Mur as Defense Core Theory (his brain connected to Defense System's core)

Isobel's theories

Debunked: In Your Mind-Theory (Everything happens in the player's mind)

Jack/Starks Hayter's theories

Doubtful: Karma and Portals Theory (Beings have karma, and portals only transfer karma; thus, the body is separated from the karma and the player cannot remember anything)

JackO's theories

Confirmed: 4 Dimension Net Theory (Subnet is a 4-dimensional torus)

Debunked: Comms Network Theory (Subnet is a large experimental communication network, like a virtual reality internet)

Jatsko's theories

Debunked: The Arcade/World War Theory

Doubtful: Interlaced Cube Theory

Debunked: Eighth Layer Theory

Reserved: Desert Theory

Reserved: Portal and Navigator Theory

Unvoted: Character Connections Theory

Unvoted: Devil Portal Theory

Unvoted: @200/backlog

Reserved: Edge Deception Theory

Jomar Mendoza's theories

Debunked: Possible Submachine 8 Plot

Debunked: Subnet was a server theory

Debunked: Possible ship confront theory

Juratracer's theories

Debunked: Map Theory (Exploration teams sent out by Murtaugh to draw maps)

Debunked: Wisdom Gem Theory (Wisdom gems, containing actual knowledge, taught Mur how to create portals / Einstein being a guard from the Defense Systems)

Karkarox's theories

(Reserved): WIP Theory

Kees' theories

Doubtful: Portal Resonance Theory (Explains human travel through portals)

Latias1290's theories

Debunked: Time Passage Theory

Les Paul's theories

Debunked: The Cipher Theory

Debunked: Napoleon Theory (Mur is like a dictator whom we and Liz will have to overthrow)

Lmcuadros's theories

Debunked: Artificial Countryside Theory (We never made it outside in Sub1, the subnet was tricking us)

Debunked: Mouse-hole Theory (Einstein maybe doesn't have special powers; anyone in the lighthouse would be able to teleport)

Debunked: Two Players Theory (The main protagonist: Sub1, Sub0, Sub1-v2, Sub 2 sketch, Sub2, Sub3, Sub 4, Sub5, Sub6, Sub 7, SNEE, SubFLF; The other protagonist: Sub1, Sub0, Sub1-v3/4, Sub2sketch, Sub2, Sub3 [bad ending?].)

Ln6Ec's theories

Debunked: The AI Theory (The Subnet is an AI program designed by Mur to test the boundaries of artificial intelligence, which the AI rendered rooms with no means of escape and would continually adapt)

Debunked: Purgatory Theory (Mur is dead and is being punished by being trapped in the Subnet)

Debunked: ET Theory (The Submachine is actually the remnants of an alien race whose dwindled numbers still sneak around the Subnet)

Lucca Ellorita's theories

Debunked: Why Submachines went berserk

Doubtful: Submachine as Database Theory

Confirmed: What Karma Arm Really Does Theory

Debunked: Lighthouse Emits "Another Light" To Show The World In Theory

Luketheflame's theories

Debunked: The Stream Theory

Marbles's theories

Debunked: Normal Submachine Theory (The submachine has normal physics)

Debunked: Liz is Evil Theory (Liz betrayed Mur and is in league with the submachine)

Debunked: Cat Theory (We're the cat)

Mocha's theories

Doubtful: Drowsy Portals Theory

Debunked: Real Victor Theory

Debunked: Quaternion Fractal Theory

Mono99099's theories

Doubtful: Frontier and Change Hostility Theory (submachine was made as new western frontier, Submachine destroys anything not originating from it)

MrEMan's theories

Doubtful: Subhistory Theory

Murandliz's theories

Debunked: The Player is Liz and Mur's Son Theory (Murtaugh and Elizabeth are married and The Player is their son)

Murtaugh's theories

Debunked: Egyptian Theory

NavyOfficer's theories

Still alive: Karma Gems Theory

Confirmed: Karma Crystal Theory(Wisdom gems emit Karma that is used to power submachines)

Debunked: Rescue Mission Theory (Murtaugh is attempting to rescue prisoners from the core of the subnet]]

NeroZero's theories

Doubtful: SubWorld Theory

Doubtful: Crossroad-Storage Theory

Ogt2's theories

Debunked: The Creation and Murtaugh's Theory

Debunked: The Root's Transportation Theory

OnyxIonVortex's theories

Likely: Kaluza-Klein Layer Theory

Debunked: Einstein the Cat Theory

Phenoix12's theories

Debunked: Submachine Compression Theory (The Submachine is compressing itself into its center)

Debunked: Mur Is the Submachine Theory (Mur is the Submachine's AI and is testing the player)

Debunked: Connection between Sub0 and Sub2 Theory (It was the player in Sub0 and he/she was sucked into it when he/she took the Wisdom Gem)

pruppMerged's Theories

Debunked: Mur's workshop theory

Debunked: The Memento theory

Purcellus/Haipeoplez's theories

Debunked: Wisdom Gem Theory (Wisdom Gems used to build replicates of objects / Synchronized motion of gems allow manipulation of energy balances)

Pyro-Dude's theories

Still alive: Karma Theory

Doubtful: Pocket Dimension Theory (one small dimension for Net instead of many Subs within many dimensions)

Rainbowpoptartunicorn's theories

Debunked: The Tree In The South Garden Is The Main Source Of Energy

Debunked: The Submachine Was Created By Different Cultures Long Ago

Debunked: Mur is the Submachine

Debunked: You (The Player) Are Mur


Debunked: Theory of Submachine and It's existence ( Name basically says it all in a brief sentence)

Raxas's theories

Debunked: The Number Station Theory

Doubtful: Karma Particle Theory (Karma are highly energetic particles)

Raziel/Chaos's theories

Still alive: Report #173

Likely: Amnesia Theory (Submachine cause people to slowly lose memories)

Redafro's theories

Still alive: Subbot = Amnesia Theory.

Confirmed: Game aesthetics "theory".

Likely: Submachine Parameters (Sentient, isolated, manipulates/is environment to limit intruders coinciding with Raziel/Chaos's Amnesia Theory)

Still alive: Redafro's Submachine, Plan, Knot, and Beamer Theory.

Confirmed: Submachine Body and Psychology Theory.

Doubtful: Trapped Player Theory.

Still alive: Submachine as Physics-Engine Field.

Still alive: Mind-Reading Submachines.

Likely: Mur the Part-Time Puzzler Theory.

Still alive: Why we never encounter anyone Theory

Debunked: Uninhabitable Theory

REDX36's theories

Doubtful: Submachine Earth Theory

Still alive: Karma Decay Theory

Doubtful: Sub Bot Theory

Debunked: Core of Knowledge Theory

Confirmed: Stationary Portal Theory

Remi le Oduen's theories

Doubtful: Informational Life form Theory

Rever Man's theories

Confirmed: Cipher Plate Theory

Doubtful: Layer 5 Isn't Layer 5 Theory

Doubtful: We killed a mouse?

Robobrain's theories

Doubtful: Player Movement Through Submachine and Submachine Existence (how the Submachine exists and how we are able to explore it)

Debunked: Edge as Boundary Theory (The Subnet's defense systems protect it against some impenetrable obstacle at the Edge)

Debunked: Plot Explanation (Submachine was originally a training ground for people. The Subnet would tap into other dimensions to save space.)

Rooster5man's theories

Doubtful: Corpses Portal Theory (Using portals causes a mutation in the users body)

Debunked: The Player is Henry O'Toole Theory (The Player in the main series is Henry O'Toole in a reincarnated form)

Debunked: Corpses stored in the Core Theory (When any living organism dies in the subnet, its body is taken to the core)

Debunked: Liz is Mur Theory (Elizabeth is actually the Sociopath and Murtaugh is an alternate personality of her)

RuloCore's theories

Likely: Heptapolar Crunch Theory

Doubtful: Sectors Theory

Humorous: TV Murtaugh Theory

Sakuya Neko's theories

Debunked: Waveform Collapse Expansion Theory

Silasqwerty1's theories

Debunked: FusionFall Theory

Smartguy's theories

Confirmed: Portal Workings Theory (How the Submachine comes together by means of relative distances.)

Still alive: Von Neumann Theory (A human built AI develops itself into an Von Neumann machine and begins to create "copies" of itself in the subnet)

Confirmed: The Core Theory (Mover takes us to a control center type place subnet)

Soullock's theories

Doubtful: Absorption Theory (Submachine absorbing dead bodies)

Doubtful: People as Energy Theory (people changing into energy before death and is absorbed into Net)

Doubtful: Building for the Fame Theory

Still alive: Lightness + Dark Theory (The darkness is eating away at the subnet while the light is restoring sections of the subnet that the darkness has destroyed)

Doubtful: Time-stop Theory

Debunked: First Submachine Theory (Submachines growing uncontrolled into other dimensions)

Confirmed: Dimensional Pathway Theory (Net grows by tapping into dimensions, creating pathways for explorers)

StoneInfinity's theories

Unvoted: The "Ancient Gem of Wisdom" Theory

Strange Planet's theories

Likely: Portal Entropy Theory (All seven layers of the sub-net are micro-universes)

Debunked: Karmic Civilization Theory (History and origins of the Submachines)

Sub8472's theories

Confirmed: Mur and Liz Theory (Liz will turn Mur back onto the right side)

Sub-bot 100's theories

Confirmed: Portal Wisdom Gems Theory

Subbot smasher's theories

Confirmed: Scrapper Theory (The Submachine absorbs human structures for resources)

Debunked: Gem Warp Theory (Wisdom Gems that Henry O'Toole used in creating the winter palace made the structure disappear)

Debunked: Super-weapon Theory (The Submachine is building a weapon that will destroy humanity)

Debunked: Green gem Theory (The wisdom gem was the CPU of the Submachine's AI)

Still alive: Player Is Player Theory (The Player is a representation of the real player)

SubHunter's theories

Debunked: The [Sub]Building Theory

Debunked: The Uninhabited Theory

Submachine Al's theories

Debunked: Human Testers Theory (The submachine was originally a facility used to conduct experiments on humans)

Debunked: The Submachine Dimension Theory (Submachine was created to protect humans from a massive war. It eventually trapped some people thinking it was still protecting them, even though the war was over)

Debunked: Alternate Timeline Theory (The submachine is divided into two timelines.)

Debunked: Submachine Software Theory (Mur created the Submachine as teleportation prototype. Glitch in the system caused the software to become the virus, touching anything in the underground to become Submachine)

Submachinefan's theories

Doubtful: Root/Core Symbiosis Theory (The root and core require each other to function, and the core is the energy center of the submachine)

Subman's theories

Debunked: Glitch Theory

SubmergedMachine's theories


Subnoob's theories

Doubtful: Convergence Theory

Debunked: Submachine 6 Theories

Debunked: SubOrigin/Mur Theories

Debunked: Character Theories

Debunked: Saving the World Theory

Sub-Program 32's theories

Debunked: Loop Theory (The Loop is the result of a wound dealt on the Submachine)

Debunked: Subnet Editing Theory (The Submachine has gone back and edited the notes left in Sub6 to make Mur look evil)

Debunked: Daymare Plot Theory

Sudo Su's theories

Debunked: Cat/Liz Theory

Suigetsu's theories

Debunked: A job in time Theory (Everything that happens in Submachine is because of Murtaugh)

Swag's theories

Debunked: Unnamed theory

TDDP's theories

Still alive: The Meaning of the Submachine

Terein's theories

Debunked: Completing the Incompleteable

Doubtful: Buried under a New World

The Abacus's theories

Likely: Portal Mechanics Theory

Debunked: "The Architects" is an Analogy for the Creator

Confirmed: Anti-Structural Architecture and the Winter Palace

The PLANer's theories

Still alive: Phantom Energy Theory

The Philosopher's theories

Debunked: Parallel Universe Theory (The subnet is made up of parallel universes)

Debunked: Ancient Civilization Theory (Ancient civilizations created the submachine and portals)

The Void's theories

Confirmed: Submachine Manipulates Time Theory

The808tribe's theories

Reserved: A Further Exploration on Murtaugh

TheBabylonProject's theories

Debunked: Dream Space Submachine Theory

Voxproximity's theories

Likely: The DS as a Passive-Aggressive Entity (and what this means for the Loop)

Confirmed: The Importance of the Number 32 (too many cases of recursion to ignore)

Still alive: Mur's Temporary HQ (Lighthouse lodging)

Confirmed: A Proposition Concerning the Mechanical Hand (what it might have been used for)

Wander99's theories

Doubtful: (Unnamed Theory)

Still alive: Murtaugh Recruitment Theory

Debunked: "Covert" Submachine Theory

WarpZone's theories

Debunked: Corpse Censorship Theory (Submachine is hiding certain objects and people away from the player's view)

Debunked: Everyone Else Escaped Theory (Reasoning behind why nobody is seen or heard in the subnet)

Debunked: Natural Corpse Theory (Explorers bodies decayed naturally and were gone by the time the player reached the same area)

Debunked: Slow Computer Theory

Weary With Toil's theories

Doubtful: Klein Bottle Theory

Confirmed: Artificial Consciousness - Extension of the Klein Bottle Theory

Wellan's theories

Debunked: Exist Theory (unpopulated area, which people think it isn't exist, become Submachine and unreal)

wierdotron5000's theories

Debunked: Lower Universal Containment Theory

Debunked: Omni-Dimensional Distortion Theory

WorldisQuiet5256's theories

Debunked: The Black Dossier Theory

Debunked: Unnamed Theory

Doubtful: Submachine Chair Theory

Xenyth's theories

Doubtful: The Theory of the Evolution of the Submachine and the Worlds within the Gems

XUmbrax's theories

Debunked: The Mur Machine Theory

Debunked: Defenses Theory

Debunked: Lighthouse Diaries Deciphered Theory

Confirmed: Shiva Link Theory

Likely: Mur: Dead, yet alive? Theory

Confirmed: Mur's Rejection Theory

Debunked: The Exit at The Knot Theory

Doubtful: Additional notes and sub-theories

Xzocka's theories

Likely: Red Brick Theory (The red bricks in the Core are parts of the Lighthouse)

Yellowsubmachine's theories

Debunked: Sub_1 Karma Trap Theory (Submachine 1 is a game designed to bring people with karma abilities into the SubNet, because only people with karma abilities can use the portals)

Debunked: Mur The Ordinary Guy Theory (Liz has karma arm abilities like Mur)

YoshiBoy13's theories

Debunked: Co-ordinates as relative to facility theory

Debunked: Exploration Theory Fact

Debunked: Universal Theory (Version 1)

Humorous: Universal Theory (Version 2)

Debunked: Right Here, Right Now (Version 1)

Debunked: Right Here, Right Now (Version 2)

Debunked: Hallucination/Dream Theory (Version 1)

Debunked: Hallucination/Dream Theory (Version 2)

Debunked: Trapped theory (Mur and Liz were trapped in lighthouse)

Debunked: Confrontation theory (when we will see Mur)

Debunked: Anti-Subnet theory (uh-oh)

Zephirius Jixx's theories

Debunked: No Goal Theory

Zerpentos's theories

Likely: Light, Wisdom Gem, and Sub-Energy Theory

Still Alive: Coordinate System Theory

Zombieshooter's theories

Likely: Karma is Wisdom Gems Energy theory

Debunked: Edge as lock to subnet outer-side theory (The bells, loops, tiles, and the URD puzzle are part of a giant lock at the Edge that keeps things from exiting the Subnet)

Debunked: Subnet Core theory (The Subnet's core, an incredible AI, created the Submachines)

Zombyrus's theories

Debunked: Semi-Artificial Subnet Theory

Debunked: Meaningless Theory (The Submachine serves no purpose and has no meaning. It simply exists and nothing more; it's interesting but unimportant like advanced algebra.)

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