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This page contains all theories that are considered confirmed or debunked. These theories are typically not voted on, since a theory's status is considered complete once it is confirmed or debunked; however with the progression of the Submachine series every once in a while the theories must be reconsidered as new facts and information arise.


You can vote for a theory to be in one of six categories, sorted by their status. Use these status descriptions when placing your vote.

  • Confirmed (This theory was proven true with the release of additional information or a new Submachine game, or is obviously correct)
  • Likely (There is evidence in favor of the theory)
  • Still alive (There is evidence for and against the theory)
  • Doubtful (There is evidence against the theory)
  • Debunked (Enough evidence against this theory to label it dead)
  • Humorous (For theories that are just plain silly) (This category does not appear next to the others; add it into the "Debunked" category and clearly state that you find it humorous)

Each theory will have a different window of time to receive votes, after which the votes will be tallied and the status will be updated. Once a theory is confirmed or debunked, it will not be re-opened for voting until another special jailbreak session is held.

To vote, please add your user name [or your Pastel-forum user name if you are a member of Pastel-forum] under the section you choose to vote, and add one to the number of votes. First category to 8 votes wins or the majority after two weeks, whichever comes first. In case of a a tie, we'll go with doubtful over debunked, still alive over doubtful, still alive over likely, and likely over confirmed. If there is a three way tie, the category closest to the middle of the three will be chosen.

Please be sure to read the entire theory before voting.


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  2. Theory owners are not allowed to vote on their own theory.
  3. Vote on this page only; this will help keep track of all votes in one spot. Do not vote on individual user theory pages. Statuses on individual pages will be tallied and changed after all categories are completed.


  1. If you are voting for a theory to be confirmed or debunked, you are encouraged to state a reason for your choice (these categories will put a theory out of voting for a long time, so it is good to back up your vote with a reason).
  2. You do not need to vote on every theory; however, try to vote on as many as possible (especially in the unvoted category).
  3. We recommend that you open the theory you want to vote for in a new tab so you can keep this page in the right spot and don't have to keep scrolling through all these theories to find the right one again and again.
  4. Which theories should I look at first?
    • In general, there are no specific theories that should be voted on first. However it is always nice to vote for Unvoted theories so they can hold a real status. Theories that obviously belong on one end of the spectrum or another should also be given some attention.
    • If the voter turnout is low, try to vote on theories that are actively being voted on (as in, other voters have voted on them this session).
    • Or just read as many as you can ;) You can change your vote for a theory anytime you would like, while the theory is open for voting.

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Confirmed theoriesEdit

- ak - Dimensional Pathway TheoryEdit

A1ex CT99 Murtaugh's Recruit TheoryEdit

Alric 75 Theory of revoltEdit

Anteroinen Games with wordsEdit

Argonbolt's theories Self Generating Theory-Submachine as an Organism Theory (the Origins of Shiva)Edit

Death Road Human Target TheoryEdit

FedericoF Many portals theoryEdit

God Samuel Murtaugh Karma Portal Theory (For Sub1-4)Edit

JackO 4 Dimension Net TheoryEdit

Lucca Ellorita What Karma Arm Really Does TheoryEdit

NavyOfficer Karma Crystal TheoryEdit

Redafro Submachine Body and Psychology TheoryEdit

Redafro Game aesthetics "theory"Edit

REDX36 Stationary Portal TheoryEdit

Rever man Cipher Plate TheoryEdit

Smartguy5000 The Core TheoryEdit

Smartguy5000 Portal Workings TheoryEdit

Sub-bot 100 Portal Wisdom Gems TheoryEdit

Subbot smasher Scrapper TheoryEdit

The Abacus Anti-Structural Architecture and the Winter PalaceEdit

The Void Submachine Manipulates Time TheoryEdit

Voxproximity The Importance of the Number 32Edit

Voxproximity A Proposition Concerning the Mechanical HandEdit

Weary With Toil Artificial Consciousness - Extension of the Klein Bottle TheoryEdit

XUmbrax Shiva Link TheoryEdit

XUmbrax Mur's Rejection TheoryEdit

Debunked theoriesEdit

001010 Artificial Life TheoryEdit

001010 Karma TheoryEdit Earth TheoryEdit

12vegeta12 The Purpose TheoryEdit

12vegeta12 Super Gem TheoryEdit

- ak - First Submachine TheoryEdit

A Friend What a Piece of Work is ManEdit

A1ex CT99 List of Minor TheoriesEdit

A1ex CT99 MurNet TheoryEdit

Adfx033 Mur's Power Plan TheoryEdit

Alamos Mur AI TheoryEdit

anonymous The Scientists TheoryEdit

Anteroinen Submachine personality theoryEdit

Anteroinen Anteroinen's theory about the ending of Submachine and what comes after it.Edit

Anteroinen Theory on Defense SystemsEdit

Anteroinen Anteroinen's theor(ies) on the CoreEdit

Anubis Evil Mur TheoryEdit

Apocrypha Arcade/World War TheoryEdit

Apocrypha Eighth Layer TheoryEdit

Avrilislost The Dimensions TheoryEdit

@Bady Quantum Computer TheoryEdit

Baby Jimbob Brainpower TheoryEdit

Bell-Chan The Subnet Is A Hyper-Expanding Input-Driven Pocket UniverseEdit

Berty Mysterious Entity TheoryEdit

Bit Cyberspace TheoryEdit

Boingo The Daedalus TheoryEdit

Carbo14 Schrödinger's Cat Reference TheoryEdit

CollinBollin No Earth TheoryEdit

coolman1081 Eradication TheoryEdit

coolman1081 God TheoryEdit

coolman1081 Team TheoryEdit

coolman1081 Clone TheoryEdit

Cone Artificial Dream TheoryEdit

Cone Micro TheoryEdit

Cone Atlantis TheoryEdit

Danaroth Abandoned Engineering Facility TheoryEdit

Danaroth Contiguous Sectoral Building TheoryEdit

Dark Rose UntitledEdit

Death Road Player-Is-Mur TheoryEdit

Death Road Safe Haven TheoryEdit

Death Road SubMurchine TheoryEdit

Death Road Loop TheoryEdit

Decoder Epicenter TheoryEdit

Disco McDisco Paired Gem theoryEdit

Disco McDisco Schizo-Extension TheoryEdit

Disco McDisco Mur is Dead TheoryEdit

Dr. NotSoNice The Flaming Monkey TheoryEdit

DVanisAWESOME Saviour theoryEdit

DVanisAWESOME Reality theoryEdit

DVanisAWESOME Submachine as Perpetual Maze Theory, by Sunshine bunnygirl 17Edit

Enula Elish Internet Subnet TheoryEdit

Forgingiron Loop TheoryEdit

Frog2132 The Time is Gone TheoryEdit

Gil2455526 "Layer influenced behavior" theoryEdit

GIR-457 Human Learning TheoryEdit

GIR-457 Mental Patient TheoryEdit

Guacamole Man Timeless TheoryEdit

Hermit214 SAT TheoryEdit

Hermit214 Organic Acid ProblemEdit

Hermit214 Player-is-Liz TheoryEdit

Hero of Carthage Different universe theoryEdit

Hidude134 Void TheoryEdit

Hidude134 Sadistic AI Game TheoryEdit

ILUVSubmachine0920 Murt's History TheoryEdit

Into the Void Wisdom Gem Data Storage TheoryEdit

Into the Void Afterlife TheoryEdit

Into the Void Mur as Defense Core TheoryEdit

Into the Void Wisdom Core TheoryEdit

Into the Void Defense System TheoryEdit

Into the Void "Arch" TheoryEdit

Isobel The Sorceress In Your Mind TheoryEdit

JackO Comms Network TheoryEdit

Jomar Mendoza Possible Submachine 8 PlotEdit

Jomar Mendoza Subnet was a server theoryEdit

Jomar Mendoza Possible ship confront theoryEdit

Juratracer Wisdom Gem TheoryEdit

Juratracer Map TheoryEdit

Latias1290 Time Passage TheoryEdit

Les paul166 Napoleon TheoryEdit

Les paul166 The Cipher TheoryEdit

Lmcuadros Artificial Countryside TheoryEdit

Lmcuadros The Two Players TheoryEdit

Lmcuadros Mousehole TheoryEdit

Ln6Ec Purgatory TheoryEdit

Ln6Ec ET TheoryEdit

Ln6Ec AI TheoryEdit

Lucca Ellorita Lighthouse Emits "Another Light" To Show The World In TheoryEdit

Lucca Ellorita Why Submachines went berserkEdit

Luketheflame The Stream TheoryEdit

Marbles Cat TheoryEdit

Marbles Normal Submachine TheoryEdit

Marbles Liz is Evil TheoryEdit

Mocha2007andcoco Who REALLY is the victorEdit

Mocha2007andcoco Quaternion Fractal TheoryEdit

Murandliz The Player is Liz and Mur's Son TheoryEdit

Murtaugh Egyptian TheoryEdit

NavyOfficer Rescue Mission TheoryEdit

Ogt2 The Creation and Murtaugh's TheoryEdit

Ogt2 The Root's Transportation TheoryEdit

OnyxIonVortex Einstein the Cat TheoryEdit

Phenoix12 Mur Is the Submachine TheoryEdit

Phenoix12 Submachine Compression TheoryEdit

Phenoix12 Connection between Sub0 and Sub2 TheoryEdit

Prupp Mur's Workshop TheoryEdit

Prupp The Memento theoryEdit

Purcellus/Haipeoplez Wisdom Gem TheoryEdit

Rainbowpoptartunicorn The Submachine was created by different cultures long agoEdit

Rainbowpoptartunicorn Mur is The SubmachineEdit

Rainbowpoptartunicorn You (the player) are MurEdit

Rainbowpoptartunicorn The tree in the South Garden is the main source of energyEdit


Raxas The Number Station TheoryEdit

Redafro Uninhabitable TheoryEdit

REDX36 Core of Knowledge TheoryEdit

Robobrain Edge as Boundary TheoryEdit

Robobrain Plot ExplanationEdit

Rooster5man Core Stores the Corpses TheoryEdit

Rooster5man The Player is Henry O'Toole TheoryEdit

Rooster5man Liz is Mur TheoryEdit

Sakuya Neko Waveform Collapse Expansion TheoryEdit

Silasqwerty1 The FusionFall TheoryEdit

Strange Planet Karmic Civilization TheoryEdit

Strawhat Neo The Karma Masters TheoryEdit

Strawhat Neo Memory Loop TheoryEdit

Strawhat Neo Mur's Plan TheoryEdit

Sub8472 Theory of Mur and LizEdit

Subbot smasher Super-weapon TheoryEdit

Subbot smasher Green gem TheoryEdit

Subbot smasher Gem Warp TheoryEdit

SubHunter The Uninhabited TheoryEdit

SubHunter The [Sub]Building TheoryEdit


Submachine AL Submachine Software TheoryEdit

Submachine AL Human Testers TheoryEdit

Submachine AL The Submachine Dimension TheoryEdit

Submachine AL Alternate Timeline TheoryEdit

Subman Glitch TheoryEdit

Subnoob Submachine 6 TheoriesEdit

Subnoob Submachine Origin/Mur TheoriesEdit

Subnoob Character TheoriesEdit

Subnoob Saving the World TheoryEdit

Sub-Program 32 Loop TheoryEdit

Sub-Program 32 Subnet Editing TheoryEdit

Sub-Program 32 Daymare Plot TheoryEdit

Sudo su Cat/Liz TheoryEdit

Suigetsu A job in time TheoryEdit

Swag UntitledEdit

Terein's theories Completing the IncompleteableEdit

The Abacus "The Architects" is an Analogy for the CreatorEdit

The Philosopher Parallel Universe TheoryEdit

The Philosopher Ancient Civilization TheoryEdit

Thebabylonproject Dream Space Submachine TheoryEdit

Wanderer99 "Covert" Submachine TheoryEdit

WarpZone Corpse Censorship TheoryEdit

WarpZone Everyone Else Escaped TheoryEdit

WarpZone Natural Corpse TheoryEdit

WarpZone Slow Computer TheoryEdit

Wellan Exist TheoryEdit

wierdotron5000 Lower Universal Containment TheoryEdit

wierdotron5000 Omni-Dimensional Distortion TheoryEdit

WorldisQuiet5256 The Black Dossier TheoryEdit

WorldisQuiet5256 UntitledEdit

XUmbrax The Mur Machine TheoryEdit

XUmbrax Defenses theoryEdit

XUmbrax Lighthouse Diaries Deciphered TheoryEdit

XUmbrax The Exit at The Knot TheoryEdit

Yellowsubmachine Sub_1 Karma Trap TheoryEdit

Yellowsubmachine Mur The Ordinary Guy TheoryEdit

YoshiBoy13 Trapped theoryEdit

YoshiBoy13 Confrontation theoryEdit

YoshiBoy13 Anti-Subnet theoryEdit

YoshiBoy13 Co-ordinates as relative to facility theoryEdit

YoshiBoy13 Exploration Theory FactEdit

YoshiBoy13 Universal Theory (version 1: serious)Edit

YoshiBoy13 Right Here, Right Now: Version 1Edit

YoshiBoy13 Right Here, Right Now: Version 2Edit

YoshiBoy13 Hallucination/Dream Theory: Version 1Edit

YoshiBoy13 Hallucination/Dream Theory: Version 2Edit

Zephirius Jixx No Goal TheoryEdit

Zombieshooter Edge as lock to subnet outer-side theoryEdit

Zombieshooter Subnet Core theoryEdit

Zombyrus Meaningless TheoryEdit

Zombyrus Semi-Artificial Subnet TheoryEdit