Unknown rotary device

The unknown rotatory device (URD) from Sub1.


The tiles (A, B, C, and D) used in the URD and Sub4.

The tile is an object featured in Submachine 1: The Basement, Submachine 4: The Lab, Submachine 9: The Temple, Submachine 10: The Exit, and Submachine Universe.

Four tiles can be found around the game area. In the original Submachine 1: The Basement, the four tiles were found via:

1. The bells.

2. Using a pearl to balance a clock.

3. Using the code on a coin as the combination for a lock.

4. Using a spoon to blow a fuse.


Result of inserting tiles into the URD.

In the remix version, #3 was replaced by:

3'. Throwing three switches before solving #4.

When the tiles are inserted into the unknown rotatory device, the centerpiece of the puzzle, the screen goes dark briefly. Then, an elevator door appears in the wall, through which is the end of the game.

The four tiles are found in the ancient section by different methods:

104 tile slots

Place to insert tiles in Sub4.

A. Tile A can be collected after cutting it from a string with a knife.

B. The other three tiles B, C, and D are found by operating the control panel to the left of the bell.

After completing the puzzle the Player can then access a new part of the Ancient Section.

The four tiles are found in the pyramid by different methods:

Brass tiles

The brass tiles found in Submachine 9.

1. One tile is found by unlocking a brass box with an obtained chest key.

2. A second tile can be found in one of the air vents of the pyramid.

3. A third tile can be found leaning against a wide golden statue.

4. A fourth tile can be found by using a stone tablet to access a small alcove where the tile is.

The tiles can be inserted into a device in the Pyramid's "sixth layer", and will, upon completion, move a set of stone slabs to become a staircase.

In this iteration, all four tiles are located in various tile rooms, found by using the karma stabiliser on some floating fragments:

The tile pieces are used at the Northern Garden docks at the end of the staircase by the bottle fuse dispenser, and allows access to the Metal section.

The SubVerse conteins four tiles that can be collected in various rooms :

  • Tile a Tile A can be obtained in Tbk after getting the Karma infused chalk and the 2nd lever handle to get pass the two portal puzzles respectively in The Quiet Rooms and in Obs.
  • Tile b Tile B can be obtained in the Lavender Room.
  • Tile c Tile C can be obtained by placing a Sigil at the Fragment Extension, revealing the tile at the Fragment Field.
  • Tile d Tile D can be obtained in Brg after getting the 2 Dragon Tongues and the 2 soaps to get pass the two portal puzzles respectively in the Ancient ruins and in def.

The four red tiles are intended to match a new URD in the center of the Obs location, and will, upon completion, reveal a staircase towards the end of the game.


  • The Universe version of the ancient section from sub4 has a karma portal included in the part where the tiles are placed.

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