Tile Rooms

Tile a room


The tile rooms are a group of rooms that appear in Submachine 10: The Exit. They are each accessed by a separate karma portal. Each room contains a unique tile piece used to unlock the metal section.


Tile A roomEdit

The Tile A room resembles a basement, although the wall color is much brighter. There are six pipes running from the walls all connected to a circular machine in the middle. Two pipes are also coming from the back wall connected to the floor. In the lower left corner, there are six metal plates on the wall.

Tile B roomEdit

The Tile B room is a perfect hi-tech cube made of blue light. The walls are covered with both straight and curved lines with circles at each end.

Tile C roomEdit

The Tile C room is an old, probably underground room with red walls. There is a big broken rusty piece of metal plate on the floor, from which an old deformed pipe is coming. There are spider webs and moss piles everywhere.

Tile D roomEdit

The Tile D room is actually a small stone island surrounded in darkness. There is a broken metal box with some sort of engines inside, covering almost entire area of the island. There are five blue cables coming from the engine, behind them there is a spring. This area could be the generator from the Root that was previously damaged by the portal Murtaugh drew here, and the blue cables are most likely veins of karma from the Submachine itself, to repair the damage.


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