Wheel of Dharma

Wheel of dharma sub7

Religious item
Elizabeth, unknown

The Dharmacakra (Sanskrit:धर्मचक्र), or the Wheel of Dharma is a Buddhist religious symbol appearing at least three times in the Submachine series. It appears in the Submachine Universe twice, in the same area, and once in Submachine 7.

A Wheel of Dharma represents the path to enlightment in Buddhist symbology.


Submachine UniverseEdit

Little wheel of dharma
628 map

The wheel appears in the leftmost frame, as well as in the two frames of the 'aged' study.

In the initial version of the study, the Wheel appears in the leftmost frame of the initial version of the room, where it is placed upon a pedestal on top of a table. In the aged/corrupt version of the room, it is seen as a large wooden wheel, which is halved by the boundary between the two frames of the aged study's version.

Submachine 7Edit

In Submachine 7, the Wheel appears in the second-to-last frame of the game, just before the green karma portal. It is, as well its previous counterpart, perched on top of a pedestal, on top of a desk, which probably belonged to Liz.

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